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Analysis of Highway Construction¡¯s Key Technology
adddate£º2013-03-11  promulgator£ºadmin
   The road transportation modernization and networking have become a national and regional foundation to seek development and a sign for measuring the development degree. However, some high-grade bituminous pavements are designed for service life of 10 years, but only after operating and using of 2 to 3 years - there appeared the phenomena such as severe rutting, potholes, cracks and collapse. some high-grade cement concrete pavements are designed for service life of 15 years, but can no longer be used after only having been put into operation for less than 5 to 6 years because of large areas of cracks and damages. It has become an issue that construction sector most concerns about and pays attention to, namely, how to improve the quality of highway construction and prolong the service life,. 
I. Analysis of strengthening stability of soil pavement material
   Pavement Base (bottom layer) can be divided into stable inorganic binder type and pellet type. Inorganic binder (cement, lime) stabilized base layer (bottom layer), in the early period has mechanical properties of flexible pavements. When the environment is appropriate, its strength and stiffness continue to increase over time , but its ultimate flexural strength and modulus of elasticity is weaker than these of the rigid base.Therefore the kind is called semi-rigid base . In our country, semi-rigid materials have been widely used for the construction of pavement base or subbase, this section describes the construction of semi-rigid base. Notable features of semi-rigid materials include the following: integrity, high capacity, high rigidity, good water stability as well as much more economical.
   Adopting certain technical measures to make the soil become road material with a certain strength and stability, the road built by this method is called stabilized soil road.
   There are several ways to stabilize the soil. According to the different technical measures, they can be divided into the following ones: mechanical means (such as compaction), physical methods (such as improving water stable condition), the addition of admixtures (pellets, clay, salt solutions, organic binder, an inorganic binder, a polymer compound and other chemical filling, etc.).
II. Current situation and development trend of synthetic fiber applications in highway construction
   The success of synthetic fiber applications in highway construction attribute to the results of highly prosperous synthetic fiber industry, the broadening of its applications and highway concrete construction proposing a series of higher requirements.
   Its main roles in highway construction projects can be listed as follows:
   (1) Preventing crackings of the road surface. Cement concrete early crack appears and inhibit the formation and development of macroscopic fracture, thus preventing highway pavement crack and break.
   (2) Improving the integrity of asphalt concrete, so as to play the role of preventing asphalt concrete pavement rutting, cracking and other smashes.
   (3) Increasing the toughness of concrete roads, improving the impact resistance and fatigue resistance of the road, and ultimately improving the quality of the road surface, prolonging its service life as well as reducing its operating costs in maintenance.
Synthetic fiber¡¯s applications in road construction are first all thanks to the civil construction industry experts and their academic bold try for the research trials of synthetic preparation in high performance concrete. They use continuous filament synthetic staple fibers as a reinforcing material incorporated into the concrete, mortar and asphalt concrete to make high performance fiber concrete.
III. Radar technology in highway construction
   Radar technology can play an important role both in various stages of construction and uses of roads. In the survey design stage, we can make use of ground radar to prove the existence of anomalies; we can use it in the construction phase to embank the pavement layer structure; in the conservation and management phases we can use it to check the damages of the road in order to in order to determine a reasonable measure of maintenance and repair. China's highway construction is in a period of rapid development. As the country's critical infrastructure, highway construction quality is widely concerned. Because the radar detection technology is non-destructive, rapid and accurate, it has a broad application prospect in China¡¯s quality inspection of highway.
   There are several cases of radar detection:
   1. GPR monitoring: pavement thickness testing, pavement crack detection, monitoring of cement board void.
   2. Road foundation monitoring: compactness detection, roadbed subgrade settlement and construct test.
   3. The ground-based radar surveillance: detection and treatment to detect soft ground, and underground cavity detection.
IV. Application of multi-level embedded asphalt mixture
   1. Multi-level wedging asphalt mixture has been applied into surface layer with the increasing highway mileage and highway traffic volume. It¡¯s AK structure ¡°water damage¡± phenomenon that has become more and more prominent. And some highways destroyed area has reached to more than 40% in Shandong Province, so it had to be overhauled. In this case, the mere governance ¡°water damage¡± based design ideas affects the owners, supervisors and contractors, the mere governance mainly in dense decreases hole open rate, so the improving water resistance and minimizing the damage became the main trend. This was remarkable in the projects from 2001 to 2002 construction, such as: Rizhao to Dongming (Rizhao to Zhuyuan, Qufu to Heze and Jinan beltway south line) and Linyi Beijing-Shanghai Expressway to Hong Huabu.
   Some road most skid abrasion layer multistage wedging structure, the bottom layer of AC-20, AC-25, some special cases layer is AC-30. Although  the water damage is resolved, soon after the results of the opening, it appeared some  ruts. Especially when the  high temperature in the summer of 2002 reaching 42 ¡æ and the road surface temperature above 60 ¡æ, within just a few days it appeared 2 cm-3cm ruts, some even 7cm-8cm. In the areas of large traffic volume, the ruts even reached the medium layer of the road,most of thee depth at 5 cm-8cm. Some of the top layer did not change, indicating the surface layer is made of a multi-stage wedging structure which not only has the role of waterproof, but also has good resistance to deformation. Therefore, in 2002 after the completion of the project, all of the surface layer was in a multi-stage wedging structure, some top layer used SMA, and at the same time used MAC modified asphalt, which greatly improved the resistance to deformation, so highway service improved markedly. It won the high evaluation of all sectors of the society. In the 2005 national road maintenance inspection, all of the Shandong indexes concerning to that ranked first.
   2. Multi-stage wedging structure is applied to road base to solve the problem of reflection crack of semi-rigid base. Shandong province, from 2003, has improved the grass-roots structure according to ¡°multi-level embedded squeeze¡± theory. It adjusted its level with the group ring, reduced the fines and increased coarse materials, restricting particles smaller than 4.75 mm, forming the lower limit of fines under the requirements of the Regulations. And made the Coarse material close to the upper limit of the big ¡°S¡± curve¡¯ requirements. At the same time,  restrictions on strength indexes are also introduced have also been made,, which got amazing results in preventing cracks caused by that the  semi-rigid base materials are too thin and their strength is too high. In the highway opening of Rizhao in 2003 , the opening of the Tianjin-Shantou Expressway Binzhou to Taigao segment in the same year, few transverse cracks had been found.However, 2002 Jinan beltway traffic south line and the Yantai segment of Tongsan highway opened to traffic in 2000, it appeared a crack almost in per 10m, some places even in per 5m.
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